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Fiduciary Investing for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Investors

Fiduciary Services for NONPROFIT organizations

For over two decades, our team has helped nonprofits navigate the complexities of investments and retirement plans. Naturally, we are initially introduced as just another vendor, but quickly prove to be a true professional partner, adding value to the organization as a whole and enhancing the experience of those we serve.

Nonprofit Investment Reserves

We partner with your finance committee to review and clarify any existing investment policy statements for your investment reserve accounts. Then provide fiduciary oversight and professional investment management that align with the organization's needs.

Nonprofit 401(k) Retirement Plans

Guardian provides plan design, implementation and ongoing fiduciary service to nonprofit retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans and other defined contribution plans.

In addition, we extend our fiduciary services to all staff of the organization. Nonprofit employees and their family have full access to our entire planning team. We have the heart of a teacher and desire not only to enhance their experience as an employee, but to provide them with confidence in their financial decisions and ultimately afford them more options in retirement.

Nonprofit Gift Processing

We want to make the receipt and processing of donated stock and marketable securities as simple as possible for our nonprofit clients. Gift processing is always a complementary service as a way for us to honor one of our core values - Giving Back.

Make the most of each gift by streamlining this important service for you and your organization.

Nonprofit RFP Process

When an executive director or committee chair is charged with soliciting proposals for professional services, the formal RFP (request for proposal) process can feel overwhelming. Whether an RFP is needed for investment services or retirement plan services, we help guide nonprofits through each step, providing templates and checklists to ease the burden.

As a fiduciary advisor, we also enjoy participating as an applicant in the RFP process. Let our team help you experience the benefits of a true professional partnership.

Business Owners

Helping you stay focused on what you do best

Even for a dedicated human resource director, knowing the ins and outs of employer sponsored retirement plans can be complicated. Our fiduciary team can help clear the noise and make your options clear. Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best – run your business.

401(k) Plan Services

Whether you are a sole proprietor or managing hundreds of employees, we specialize in plan design, implementation and ongoing services of 401(k) plans and other defined contribution plans. We will evaluate your current retirement plan, provide an independent bench-marking report and offer fiduciary advice to enhancement and improvement your plan.

Strategic Tax Planning

As long as we're at it, let's maximize the potential tax savings available to you. It's only natural for us to think about your tax outcomes while we're talking about retirement and investments.

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