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"We knew we could help our clients have a better experience and get better retirement outcomes."

Guardian Wealth Strategies

Over two decades of Industry Excellence

Guardian Wealth Strategies was founded by Gregory J. Gassert and Brent D. Hoppe.

Both Gregg and Brent separately began their investment advisory careers in 1999 on the tail end of one of history's largest bull markets—just in time to experience the dot-com bubble come to a dramatic end.

In 2005, Gregg and Brent met at TIAA (formerly TIAA-CREF) where they worked side-by-side for two years serving as co-advisors for Academic Professionals and their retirement plans. Though Brent transitioned from TIAA in 2007 to work with a local advisory firm, their mutual respect and admiration for each other kept them connected professionally.

In 2013, Gregg and Brent decided to partner again to establish their own independent, fiduciary investment firm, Guardian Wealth Strategies. It was time to take their passion, experience, knowledge and their many years of trusted relationships to a higher level of service.

"By being independent, and serving as fiduciaries, we knew we could help our clients have a better experience get better retirement outcomes." - Brent Hoppe

Today, Guardian Wealth Strategies serves clients in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, across the upper Midwest and throughout nineteen states nationwide. Their dedicated advisory team provides professional fiduciary advice and services to both individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

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