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Leading With Transparency And Integrity

Our Story

Guardian Wealth Strategies was founded by Gregory J. Gassert and Brent D. Hoppe.

Both Gregg and Brent separately began their investment advisory careers in 1999 on the tail end of one of history's largest bull markets – just in time to experience the dot-com bubble come to a dramatic end.

In 2005, Gregg and Brent met at TIAA (formerly TIAA-CREF) where they worked side-by-side for two years serving clients as co-advisors. Even after Brent transitioned from TIAA in 2007 to work with a local advisory firm, their mutual respect and admiration for each other compelled them to maintain their professional friendship and stay connected.

In 2013, Gregg and Brent decided to partner again to establish their own independent, fiduciary investment firm, Guardian Wealth Strategies. It was time to take their passion, their experience, their knowledge and their many years of trusted relationships to a higher level of service.

Today, Guardian Wealth Strategies is one of the leading independent, fiduciary firms in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and the upper Midwest. Their dedicated Advisory Team provides professional investment advice and integrated financial planning to hundreds of households, business owners and nonprofit organizations.



Guardian Wealth Strategies is an independent, fee-only, SEC registered investment advisor (RIA). As a fiduciary, Guardian puts the interests of each client first and accepts no commissions, referral fees, or compensation from any other sources.

Guardian’s independence allows their advice to be completely conflict-free, flexible and tailored to the unique investment goals, concerns and objectives of each client.

Those who choose Guardian as their professional partner, pay an annual fee based on their managed portfolio size and complexity. The fee is transparent and is disclosed to the client on a quarterly basis.

Integrated Financial PLanning


Reaching your retirement goals involves more than just a smart investment portfolio.

Guardian Wealth Strategies integrates the disciplines of investment planning, tax planning, estate planning and risk management into a simple and thoughtful conversation that optimizes the way each element works together.

High-Tech, High-Touch

Guardian Wealth Strategies was founded with the desire to deliver a “High-Tech, High-Touch” experience to every client–leveraging technology to it's fullest, without replacing the personal advisory relationship.

Guardian’s ability to deliver on this client culture is validated in the tenure of their client relationships.

Multi-Generational Legacy


Guardian takes immense pride in the meaningful trust that is shared with clients.

This trust is often extended to the next generation of the family to create a coordinated, multi-generational legacy plan.